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What is EDAI?

EDAI is an economic development

fund for Native Peoples in North,

Central and South America.

The goal of EDAI (Economic

Development for Amerindians) is to

provide - within its means - initial

support for economic projects.

The projects are to be initiated by

native people established in

harmony with Amerindian traditions,

providing for a better material and

cultural future.

EDAI also provides information on

Aboriginal economic issues.

EDAI is based in Zürich, Switzerland.



Heinz Lippuner, Prof. Dr.phil.


Peter R. Gerber, Dr. phil.


Paul Maier

Information, website

Bernard Mueller

EDAI’s major focus

The initiative to establish EDAI has come through the needs of a

group of Native women living on the Wabauskang Reserve in

Ontario/Canada. Without seed capital, they were unable to get a

loan from the Government of Canada for their blueberry

project.The successful production and marketing of wildrice by

these women proves, that projects initiated by Native people have

a much broader effect than those developed without native

participation. Furthermore it is beneficial if people control their

natural resources.

Native peoples in the Americas are loosing their subsistence

economy. They need initial support to establish small economic

projects. This is provided by EDAI. EDAI expert facilitators

guarantee a competent project selection and followup. The

administrative expenses are kept to a minimum, due to the

volunteer work carried out by EDAI facilitators.

 If you would like to support EDAI:

     - with donations for EDAI’s activities

     - with your membership subscription

       (annual fee: $ 20,00)

please contact EDAI

c/o Dr. Peter R. Gerber

Hoehenweg 16

CH- 8032 Zuerich/Switzerland


As a member of EDAI you are entitled to receive

EDAI’s declaration of principles and articles as

well as periodical information about its activities.